• Man Made Moon

Temperance live review

Review by Andy Holdcroft of Hot Music Live

I have reviewed headliners Man Made Moon's records in "Hot Music Live" in the past (current single "Weightless" in April and their "The Tourist" EP in January). I enjoyed both very much but catching them live is a subtly different experience. I found it hard to define why (and I discussed it with the whole band afterwards), but they did inject some form of extra magic in the performance, whether it was an element of "edge" or just the passion of playing songs they clearly had spent so long crafting.

What is disappointing is what a rare treat a Man Made Moon gig actually is. I mentioned in my previous reviews how well regarded they are (no band has spent longer on the HillzFM local charts) and believe me they are a stunning & captivating live act. Members do have other commitments including with other bands, but I would urge them to play more with the same emphasis as I'd recommend that you see them. They really are one of the best local live acts as well as producing excellent records.

Each track obviously has had a lot of time spent on crafting the detail as well as ensuring each is also a really strong song, memorable & impacting on the listener. With three guitarists, there is capacity of at least one each time to be processed (one sounded like an accordion at times: or a harmonica. Or both) and a laptop provided further elements such as an organ part. However this decidedly was not prog rock: the complexity of arrangements served the beauty of the songs rather than showing off musicianship.

The band, namely Ben Taylor (vocals & rhythm guitar), Colin Bean (who played superb cajon rather than his usual drums due to the venue), Nick Mew (guitar), Ian Black (lead guitar) and Gary Ryan (bass) were joined on backing vocals by Lucy Stanton for the performance of "Weightless" & created a wonderful atmosphere in the space. The sound was pristine and although their trademark eth