• Man Made Moon

Hot Music Live 'The Tourist' Review

"One particular joy in writing reviews for "Hot Music Live" is that it almost certainly introduces me to artists unknown to me at a swifter rate than would otherwise be the case if nature took her normal course. In this instance, although I was aware of the Leamington band Man Made Moon & knew that people such as BBC Introducing & HillzFM's Paul Sanders rated them, they were not as visible on my radar as they ought to have been. This has now been partially put right & it is a pleasure to be able to review their 2018 Chicken Shed Records produced EP "The Tourist". Man Made Moon (who comprise Ben Taylor (vocals & rhythm guitar), Colin Bean (drums & percussion), Nick Mew (guitar), Ian Black (lead guitar) and Gary Ryan (bass)) came together in 2015 released their debut single ‘Lets Grow Old Together' on Valentine's Day 2016, and followed this up with ‘Not so Haunted' at Halloween 2016 (I think we might perceive a connection in the release dates!) both of which feature on this EP too.

I should also like to thank the band for offering us one of the tracks on the EP for a second volume of "Hot Music Live Presents": welcome aboard!

First up is the title track, a melodic, slightly world weary acoustic tune (the protagon